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Our customers are our source of motivation. We start all our processes with customer needs and demands. Our priority when working with our customers is to establish a long-term business partnership understanding.
The trust relationship formed between MYD personnel and our customers is effective in all processes. Working with this understanding enables us to produce solutions in a short time. We take great care not to destroy the trust of our customers.
Our aim in our business, which we call the "Solution Center", is to be the long-term solution partner of our customers. We provide chemical consultancy services with our team of solution engineers, and our team is ready to provide solutions to all your technical problems, even during your night shift.
Thanks to our strong R&D and Technical Services, we offer alternative solutions to our customers. We adopt flexible working principles both in creating new products and in improving the performance of existing products. The main thing is to increase the production performance of our customers and to play an important role in the quality of the products they produce. For this reason, we support all our solution suggestions with business trials.
Our greatest pride is the testimonials of our customers who prefer our products and services.
We are at your service with our wide product range that performs in ecological, environmentally friendly yarn-fabric, lubricants, fiber, leather and industrial chemical groups in accordance with legal regulations and standards.
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